Are you using the WP Smush.It plugin? Time to Upgrade!

The WP Smush.It plugin depended on Yahoo smushing servers… up until now!  Yahoo silently took down their servers, leaving users of this plugin in a lurch.  So the developers at WPMU have provided a server for the purpose, which requires users to upgrade their plugins.

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WP Smush.It plugin

Your site has updated to WordPress 3.8.2 – How did this happen?

WordPress 3.8.2In the last 24-48 hrs, you might have been surprised by an email in your inbox stating your site’s WordPress version had been udpated to WordPress 3.8.2.
You might be asking yourself, “How?  I didn’t ask for that!”  Well, the developers at added a new feature in the last release to allow for security updates, using automatic upgrades to accomplish it.
You can read more about the details of 3.8.2 here.

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