Your site has updated to WordPress 3.8.2 – How did this happen?

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WordPress 3.8.2In the last 24-48 hrs, you might have been surprised by an email in your inbox stating your site’s WordPress version had been udpated to WordPress 3.8.2.
You might be asking yourself, “How?  I didn’t ask for that!”  Well, the developers at added a new feature in the last release to allow for security updates, using automatic upgrades to accomplish it.
You can read more about the details of 3.8.2 here.


So, what now?

Well, in most cases, you will not feel any difference on your site.  In other cases, some things might not work as expected.  Some plugins might not be compatible, or work as they should.  And if you’re not a a programmer, you probably will not be able to correct the issues.  You will need professional WordPress developers to help solve the problems or make things right again, and i2i Vision can help!

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WordPress 3.8.2