Testimonial from Lora Canary, author of “Happy Sexy Money”

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Testimonial Lora Canary

Testimonial Lora Canary

Testimonial Lora Canary“i2i Vision knows web design and functionality like the back of their hands. To say they are timely would be an understatement! They did more in ONE DAY than other web designers I’ve worked with do in a week. I am not exaggerating. Their eye for design and attention to detail has made this project (which was to take a website from nothing and turn it into one that rivals the big boys) seem easy.

They provided mock-ups, designed graphics from scratch, came up with ideas I never thought of to ask for (that were really important) and made the whole process seem like easy peasy. I recommend this team to anyone who is looking for great design, great attention to detail, reasonable cost, and quick turnaround. The quick turnaround was of huge importance to me and when they say they can do it, they mean it, even if it includes during holidays and weekends – which is what happened with my project. They took the time to understand who I was and the purpose of the website and how best to present that on the web. They took the time to get to know my book and my products so she could make suggestions. They even designed an animated browser icon for my website!

My website is so amazing because of the work of this amazing team. Don’t hesitate, they will make you very happy you chose them.

Lora Canary, Author – Happy Sexy Money, The 5 Secrets to Creating All You Desire in Happiness, Love, and Wealth.”

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