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Betsy CohenKaryn is an excellent web designer. She has great technical skills and experience, so she can guide you in making decisions that are consistent with your vision of the site you want developed. Karyn can also make good suggestions about what does and doesn’t look best to help you avoid a site that isn’t aesthetically pleasing or that doesn’t meet your initial objective. She is pleasant, capable, competent, and timely. I would not hesitate to recommend her work or to re-hire her for additional projects.

My Virtual Computer Lab

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In today’s day and age, it’s quite common to do business with individuals and teams whom you’ll never meet in person. Although it’s commonplace, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For me, it can be rather difficult to trust someone whose hand I can shake, let alone a person I’ve never met. i2i Vision have not only demonstrated their expertise in web design functionality but have also earned my trust as a result of the honest and ethical manner in which they do business.

Here’s my story.

I contacted i2i Vision with a WordPress redesign project. I provided as much information as possible in regards to my needs and was given what I considered to be a fair price. The job began promptly and from day one, communication was great. If I had a question, I received a response in a reasonable amount of time. As the project neared completion, I was given an opportunity to provide feedback and was asked to not only analyze the design but to also test out the site’s functionality. After testing the site, I produced a set of items that needed their attention. Without hesitation or complaint, every item was addressed to my complete satisfaction.

Being quite happy with my site’s redesign, I paid the amount due and enthusiastically began adding content to my website. It seemed, however, that the instant the cash exited my bank account and entered theirs, the site decided to completely malfunction (from a design standpoint). I just knew I was up a certain creek. I contacted them (never expecting a reply) and received a reassuring message right away letting me know that they were on the case. Well, I wasn’t a believer (remember what I said about trust earlier) so I contacted my site’s hosting and they took care of the issue.

With that taken care of, my heart returned to a normal number of beats per minute. That’s when I noticed a message to update my WordPress theme. So I did and the resulting effect was a site that looked like it had undergone digital plastic surgery (is that a thing?) by a two year old. Every bit of design work had been completely eradicated. With my heart beating out of my chest like in a cartoon (but as a result of being love smitten), I contacted i2i Vision again. They immediately responded and within an hour or two, restored my site to its former beauty. Once again, this was AFTER receiving full payment for their services.

I will, without hesitation, work with the i2i Vision team again.

Andrew Bonaparte

– My Virtual Computer Lab

Keith Poorbaugh, PT, ScD, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT


“I originally had an SEO campaign with SEO.com. They charged me $750 to start the campaign and $450 a month for on-going tasks. I cancelled them after the first month and went with i2i Vision. They have done far more for my site in optimization during the first week and the cost was truly reasonable. Thank you so very much.”

Keith Poorbaugh, PT, ScD, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT
Northern Edge Physical Therapy

Attorney and Owner of West Law Firm, L.C.

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“i2i Vision did a fantastic job in redesigning my site and improving its functionality. Their responsiveness and following throughwith tasks has been amazing, and they do great technical and artistic work.

I continue to use their services, and plan on working with them well into the future. Having i2i Vision on my team has taken a lot of stress and worry off my mind, and my personal injury law practice has grown as a result!”

Brooks WestAttorney and Owner of West Law Firm, L.C.

Happy Sexy Money

Testimonials | Lora Canary, Author of "Happy Sexy Money"“i2i Vision knows web design- functionality like the back of their hands. To say they are timely would be an understatement! They did more in ONE DAY than other web designers I’ve worked with do in a week. I am not exaggerating. Their eye for design and attention to detail has made this project (which was to take a website from nothing and turn it into one that rivals the big boys) seem easy. She provided mock-ups, designed graphics from scratch, came up with ideas I never thought of to ask for (that were really important) and made the whole process seem like easy peasy.

I recommend this team to anyone who is looking for great design, great attention to detail, reasonable cost, and quick turnaround. The quick turnaround was of huge importance to me and when they say they can do it, they mean it, even if it includes during holidays and weekends – which is what happened with my project.

They took the time to understand who I was and the purpose of the website and how best to present that on the web. They took the time to get to know my book and my products so she could make suggestions. They even designed an animated browser icon for my website!

www.happysexymoney.com is so amazing because of the work of this amazing team. Don’t hesitate, they will make you very happy you chose them.


Lora Canary, Author

– Happy Sexy Money, The 5 Secrets to Creating All You Desire in Happiness, Love, and Wealth.

Travis ADR Services, LLC

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“Having previously gone through a web design process as part of a larger organization, and not having much technical expertise, I approached the process as a small business owner with more than a little anxiety. Karyn and her staff at i2i Vision eliminated that angst, and helped me through the process in an understandable fashion. The final result exceeded my expectations in terms of professionalism and ease of navigation, and was accomplished well within my budget!”

Mark Travis, President

Travis ADR Services, LLC

Visitor comments about Travis ADR Services, LLC…
“Your website looks TERRIFIC…very well done. Lots of great info…all the links work…
and your calendar of events is cool. Really like it a lot.”

“Very impressive and easy to maneuver. Well done and professional. Congratulations!”

“Looks great. The web designer in NY is worth the dough. Not too much clutter and easy to navigate.”

“Mark, this excellent! Well done! Not sure there’s anyway you could improve upon it”

“Mark, your site looks great.”

“Your web site looks very professional. I particularly like the inspirational quote by Mick.”

“I like, A LOT.”


Testimonials | SNSi2i Vision did a fantastic job at not only coding our site, but taking our basic framework and using their ideas and skill to turn it into a piece of cool, functional, professional “art.” I was very happy with the final outcome of our site – the very center of our business. Any time I needed to speak to the team during the development stage, I Skyped and they answered. How can you beat that? Highly recommended. And to prove it, I’ll be using them on another project soon.



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Very, very pleased with the progression and outcome of the project, especially the constant communication from i2i Vision. The company was indeed professional on all levels; will certainly use their services again when needed.
i-Reports NG


Testimonials | Snoofster.com

“I can’t say enough good things about Karyn and i2i Vision’s ability and professionalism. I have worked with them on several projects to create graphics and logos. I do not have an artistic bone in my body so I have relied on Karyn to come up with designs that are catchy and she hits the mark every time. What differentiates i2i Vision from competitors is their speed, creativity, competitive cost and professionalism. I have not found anyone else that I can message out of the blue on Thursday and then have 3 prototypes on Friday. I highly recommend.”

Jeff Joseph, Owner, Snoofster