Web Design and Hosting Mistakes

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Web Design And Hosting MistakesSmall businesses new to the Internet often tend to make the same mistakes when trying to establish their online presence. When it comes to web designi2i Vision suggests that you conduct thorough research before embarking on any web site design or hosting projects for your company in order to avoid these common mistakes.

Below are a few web design and hosting mistakes that are common:

Lack of a business plan

Construct a definite business plan and stick with it from beginning to end. Even if your progress starts off slowly, do not abandon the plan. Each element will help your company in the long run.

Be sure to define your target market and invest in advertising that will properly grab their attention.

Poor Hosting Choices

Very often, website owners struggle with their websites and think that the problem is the work done by the web designer.  This may be true, but owners should not ignore one of the main backbones of the site, the hosting provider!  Slow servers due to overload are often common place, and poor backup options can spell disaster.  Hosts need to be researched before making a decision as to who will handle the website’s files and database.  Don’t trust just ANYONE with a cheap price.  i2i Vision has a list of some recommended hosting  companies who we personally have worked with.  You can review hosting companies list here.

Heavy Website Loading

Placing too many pictures and animations on your website

Try to refrain from cluttering your company’s website with too many images and pictures. Search engine crawlers are not able to collect enough information to index your web site if you do not have text. Do not get wrapped up in having a nice looking site and forget about the content.

Ignoring bandwidth restrictions

Do not place large files, documents, or photos on your site for visitors to view because it will make it difficult to navigate around the web site. Pictures take up more bandwidth than text does.  Images should be well optimized by your web designer to meet web design industry standards and minimize loading time.  Contact i2i Vision if you are experiencing heavy load times on your website.


Not focusing on Search Engine Optimization

The most seen mistake is when a company builds a web site that ignores search engine needs. Be sure to hire a SEO professional who is qualified to help you take advantage of this great marketing tool.  After all, isn’t the end goal to be seen at the top of Google and Yahoo?

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