WordPress is a very powerful content management system and has become very popular as the leading CMS on the market. The developers over at Automattic have ensured that they are constantly updating the WordPress core, which is vital to the survival of any WordPress site.  WordPress updates should be done by skilled developers, rather than just point, click and update.  It only takes one incompatibility to take down your entire site!  Let i2i Vision handle your WordPress maintenance, with our WordPress Support Center so you can focus on your business.

Our WordPress Maintenance services include:

WordPress Core Upgrades

Plugin Updates


Database Optimizations

Offsite Backups


Domain Management

Server Configurations

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WordPress Support

i2i Vision Designs USA is a full-service web design, application development – graphic design company. We utilize unique ideas and methods to execute the best for our customers. Whether you need a new design for your new business or thinking about having your brand image completely made over, i2i Vision can help you get exactly what you’re looking for and more.

Armed with a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals including Solution Architects, Web developers, Web Designers, Graphic designers, Quality Assurance Testers, i2i Vision is eager to create a masterpiece for your business.

The i2i Vision website design method is one of quality. And that is why “Quality is our Mark” is our code of conduct and lies at the very heart and soul of every project we complete.

We strive to make EVERY site dynamic, so our clients can edit things by themselves! We believe it’s a dis-service to hard code things into the code where clients cannot reach it. Some developers do that so you have to come to them every time you want to change things. We would rather put the content management in the hands of the client, and focus our energy on more important things. It frees our time for programming, adding new features, etc. And if the client is happy, they will give us more tasks. THAT’s “customer service”.

WordPress Support